Hair products for women

L’oreal Paris meets the expectations of the women, who have problem with very dry and wild hair. Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils is a line of products, which suppose to comprehensively regenerate, moisurise and nourish the hair...

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Color Minded Sulfate Free – Shampoo for Dyed Hair

Hair colourisation always carries certain risk of hair damage, no matter how good is the dye and how many nourishing ingredients will have products after colourisation. With time hair become matte and loose their fresh colour in natural process...

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Lately, there is much more talk about compounds of hair cosmetics, which we usually tended to not notice. We analyse, what ingredients are in, e.g. shampoos or conditioners. However, sometimes composition doesn’t tell us much and about...

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Not every woman is content with the condition and look of her hair. Some consider their hair as thin and weak, while others describe their strands as too short and not dense enough. Although it is barely possible to satisfy everybody’s...

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