Frizzing and dry hair are an issue of many women. Sun, improper conditioning, often colouring and stylisation only worsen hair condition. Luckily, you can do something about those dry, damaged and wild streaks. Try defrizz hair gel from Bumble and bumble.

Bumble-and-bumble.jpgFrizzing, very dry and damaged hair need special attention. The most liable to damages are high porosity, curled and difficult in stylisation hair, i.e. those which cuticles are practically raised all the time. Harmful substances get to their inner structures; level of water and keratin lowers. Defrizz hair gel from Bumble and bumble is expected to improve condition of scalp and hair. Thanks to it streaks become moisturised, strengthened and glossy. Hair will be more liable to stylisation and combing will become easier and more enjoyable.

How should you apply defrizz hair gel from Bumble and bumble? On damp or dry hair apply small amount of product and rub it in the entire hair length. Then dry strands with cold air or leave them to dry on their own. Cosmetic does not consists of alcohol, silicones, parabens or other harmful substances, that is why it can be used also by girls with very damaged hair and sensitive scalp.

Defrizz hair gel from Bumble and bumble is a part of a big family of cosmetics for stylisation. In its line-up you’ll find conditioners, creams, mousses and shampoos for curly hair. All of them contain oils, which smoother and provide gloss to damaged hair. In Bumble and bumble are present among many: Brazil nut oil, babassu oil, cupuacu butter, pracaxi oil and moisturising substances. Cosmetic with such a rich composition has a colourful packaging with 6.4 fl. oz./190 ml. Even if you would use it everyday, it would still last for months.