Hair products for women

Powder hairspray from Kevin Murphy increases volume and efficiently holds hair and is a true novelty in an offer. DOO.OVER Hairspray is based on exotic ingredients, like tapioca, patchouli oil and extract from Virginian Cedar Wood. Is vast amount...

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Within a month, hair can grow even 0.79 in. That means each month we get this much of roots. That is quite a problem for women who colour their hair. For those ladies was created TouchBack® Hair Marker. Sounds odd? Perhaps, but it is very effective...

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Tangle Teezer is an iconic hair brush. It is known by every hair lover, and recently three new models of this hair brush has entered the market: Magic Flowerpot for children, waterproof Aqua Splash and Blow Styling Full Paddle. Which one will...

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You don’t like to go to hair stylists, because they can never cut your hair the way you would want it? Do you think that it isn’t worth it to pay hair stylist for two moves of scissors and fringe cut? CreaClip is a solution for people,...

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We all know how important hair brushing is. By combing them out we prevent tangling of the streaks. During this activity, on the entire length of hair we distribute sebum from the scalp, which provides moisture, gloss and protection. To ensure...

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Owners of long and thick hair can finally breathe with a sigh of relief. They don’t have to worry about split ends, crumpled streaks and electrifying hair. Why? Because with help in harness of wild hair comes Invisibobble. What is so special...

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