We all know how important hair brushing is. By combing them out we prevent tangling of the streaks. During this activity, on the entire length of hair we distribute sebum from the scalp, which provides moisture, gloss and protection. To ensure hair with beautiful appearance and proper conditioning you should take care of them with hair brushes created by professionals. To such gadgets we count in Michel Mercier brushes.

Michel-Mercier.jpgIn its offer, Michel Mercier, has 12 hair brushes fitting all types of hair, occasions and age. Those are made of 428 attachments with 32 different heights and 16 different diameters. They delight with colour, shape, execution and durability of materials. What is so characteristic about Michel Mercier brushes?

Hair brushes for girls are perfect for normal, fine and thick hair. They help in stylisation of children hair, do not pull the strands or cause irritation to the scalp. With brushes in Kids version can be brushed wet and dry hair. This gadget is great for straight and curly hair. It should not be used during use of blow dryer or be even close to the source of heat. Michel Mercier offers also hair brushes for adults. Those have non-slip grip; great for hair brush under the shower. Those brushes are dedicated for brushing of fine, thick and normal hair.

Wooden hair brushes, Michel Mercier are perfect solution for those who value life in accordance to nature. The attachments are made of artificial material, but safe for the environment and scalp, and the grip is made of wood. This gadget is dedicated for hair care of thick, normal and fine hair. It does not pull hair. It combs streaks out without causing any damage to the ends or external structure of hair. Similar properties consist Michel Mercier mini brushes. Thanks to a small size you can take them even for a vacation trip.