Powder hairspray from Kevin Murphy increases volume and efficiently holds hair and is a true novelty in an offer. DOO.OVER Hairspray is based on exotic ingredients, like tapioca, patchouli oil and extract from Virginian Cedar Wood. Is vast amount of money that we have to pay for the Kevin Murphy hairspray go along with great properties?

Kevin-Murphy.jpgKevin Murphy brand has in its offer very wide palette of products for professional hair care, which are used by hair stylists working in the fashion world. It is all because Kevin Murphy as a hair stylist was very disappointed in the quality of the hair products used in their business. He decided then that he will create cosmetic line that will have lightweight texture, but at the same time will be effective and strong. That is exactly the newest product of the brand – Powder Hairspray DOO.OVER.

Kevin Murphy Hairspray was created on base of balanced and renewable vegetable ingredients. Just like every other product from Kevin Murphy, so this one doesn’t contain sulphates, parabens and any other harmful substances, what is more, cosmetic wasn’t animal tested. Despite of its high price, DOO.OVER is very often used in hair stylisation, because it is entirely safe for hair structure.

Properties of Kevin Murphy hairspray are based on three basic ingredients. First of them is tapioca, which visibly softens hair and ensures them with silk finish. Use of powder technology in DOO.OVER Hairspray from Kevin Murphy makes hydrophilic tapioca provide hair with volume and additionally removes excess sebum, i.e. works similarly to dry shampoo.

Additional ingredients are silica from Virginian Cedar Wood extract and patchouli oil. Virginian Cedar makes hair more elastic, glossy and easier in stylisation. However, patchouli slower down ageing processes of hair and scalp, stimulates cells repair and has antiseptic properties, so it makes Kevin Murphy Hairspray also very nourishing product.