You don’t like to go to hair stylists, because they can never cut your hair the way you would want it? Do you think that it isn’t worth it to pay hair stylist for two moves of scissors and fringe cut? CreaClip is a solution for people, who prefer to cut, layer and style their own hair by themselves. How does it work?

CreaClip.jpgCreaClip is an innovative gadget, which recently took by storm social media. It is used mainly for hair cut, however the amount of videos online shows that this tool is multifunctional. Especially, that in the set you’ll get two lengths of CreaClip – blue (shorter) clip for fringe cut, and white (longer) for layering, cutting and stylisation of hair on their entire length.

The price of this gadget isn’t that low, but it is a new item on the market, so there’s no surprise here. CreaClip has its cheaper equivalents, which can be bought online e.g. on sites with Chinese products. How does work and present itself gadget taking by storm hearts of women all around the world?

The structure of CreaClip resembles long clip for open food packets – long, with two parts and secured with clasp. There is a line of teeth inside, which helps in keeping the gadget on hair. Outside of CreaClip is placed a small container with a fluid and pointer, which looks and works as a level – helps in determining if hair are cut evenly. What is interesting, miniature level is attached in a way so it could be twisted – depending on what cut you want to perform (like bias fringe).

By applying to few simple rules (putting the gadget on combed out hair, taking it off downwards, careful cut, use of really sharp cutting equipment and remembering that the level depends on gravity so you need to sit still) you have guarantee that CreaClip will significantly ease hair styling treatments, which you will be able to perform at home. CreaClip allows: layering without loss of length, fringe cut, bob cut, shortening of hair in a straight line or V shape, layering an entire length and many more.