Within a month, hair can grow even 0.79 in. That means each month we get this much of roots. That is quite a problem for women who colour their hair. For those ladies was created TouchBack® Hair Marker. Sounds odd? Perhaps, but it is very effective and practical product. Read below article to know more about it.

TouchBack.jpgLight roots or grey hair look unaesthetic, but on the other hand, application of dye every 2-3 weeks is totally unpractical – damages hair, is expensive, requires regularity and takes a lot of time. Problem appears also when you want to go back to your natural hair colour. In this case you are forced to deal with roots, which month by month look only worse. Is it really necessary?

American brand TouchBack offers perfect solution for grey hair and roots. TouchBack® Hair Marker is an instant way for solving this issue. No more dreadful colourisation or tiresome going back to natural colour. With use of TouchBack, in a quick and effective way you can cover grey hair and light roots. This innovative corrector in marker is a product, which will help in precise application of temporary hair dye.

Product’s formula is significantly different from traditional cosmetics for roots. TouchBack® Hair Marker works temporarily and doesn’t offer long term solution. It can be compared to concealer, which covers pimples only by the time of face wash. This product has similar use. By washable hair dye-base it offers cover of the problem, which is visible again after hair wash.

Washable hair dye consists of wheat proteins. It doesn’t contain hydroperoxide, ammonia or other harmful substances. It is absolutely safe and gentle for hair and skin. TouchBack® Hair Marker is available in eight most popular shades (from black to ash blond). Everyone can choose colour perfect for them. What is important is that TouchBack® is dedicated for multiple use (not like hair dye), and individual product will last for 60 applications.