In the L’oreal Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils line are seven products designed for intensive care of dry and wild hair. Among Elseve haircare products we will find the creamy conditioner. The L’oreal line in based on six flowery oils.

Creamy conditioner ELSEVE Magical Power of Essential OilsWhat is so innovative in the formula of creamy conditioner from Elseve?

There aren’t many manufactures who would make an effort and created the conditioner which stands out with something new. L’oreal Paris took a challenge and patented complex of six vegetable extracts oils that enrich Magical Power of Essential Oils product line. The creamy conditioner works thanks to the content of extracted flowery oils, namely:

camomile oil (intense nourishment and perfect glow),
linen oil (deep moisture),
sunflower oil (nourishing and restoration of the glow),
lotus blossom oil (nourishes, protects and adds softness),
Tahitian gardenia oil (prevents dryness),
rose oil (strength and flexibility).

What kind of benefits will bring using Magical Power of Essential Oils cream conditioner?

The conditioner from the newest Eveline line is mostly a complement of the comprehensive restoration of the hair with Magical Power of Essential Oils shampoo. Conditioner is meant to be a support for the shampoo since they both have a similar formula for dry hair care. Enriched with six vegetable oils conditioner is the best nourishing treatment for dry hair on their entire length. Restoration of the healthy glow and vitality is simple with this creamy conditioner for a wild hair. The conditioner makes combing easier, smoothers and softens the streaks.

For the best effects you should try 3 steps ritual for nourishing very dry hair – use Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils shampoo, then apply the conditioner and elixir from the same line.