L’oreal Paris meets the expectations of the women, who have problem with very dry and wild hair. Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils is a line of products, which suppose to comprehensively regenerate, moisurise and nourish the hair and the scalp. The basic product from the line is the hair care shampoo.

Elseve.jpgHow does Magical Power of Essential Oils work?

The manufacturer assures that the secret of proper haircare is nourishment of the hair with six comprehensive flowery oils patented in L’oreal laboratories – camomile, linen, sunflower, lotus bloom, tahitan gardenia and rose. Nourishing shampoo from L’oreal combines all vegetable extracts properties, that suppose to work in six different ways.

1. Intensive nourishing of the hair cells, thanks to the camomile oil.
2. Deep moisturising of the hair, thanks to the linen oil.
3. Restoration of the healthy glow, thanks to the sunflower oil.
4. Nourishment and protection of the fibres, thanks to the lotus bloom.
5. Elimination of the problem of the dry hair, thanks to the gardenia oil.
6. Flexibility and smoothing, thanks to the rose oil.

What effects has employing the Elseve shampoo?

Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils has an oily texture and a colour of amber. It is expected to work comprehensively on every problem of the damaged hair. Efficient formula provides effects from the first application and even small amount of the product is enough to give hair the new look – they are smoother, more silky, full of gloss and light.

Composition of six flowery oils in Magical Power of Essential Oils line from L’oreal Paris has multidimensional impact on the hair. Besides health and vitality it also ensures better work with the hair. After the usage of the nourishing shampoo from this line hair are easier to work with, doesn’t cause problems with combing and are visibly more beautiful.

For the best effects you should try 3 steps ritual for nourishing very dry hair – use Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils shampoo, then apply the conditioner and elixir from the same line.