Italian brand Equilibra presented moisturising conditioner increasing volume, which is expected to provide deep moisture, complex protection, flexibility boost, gloss restoration and noticeable volume increase. Conditioner from Equilibra combines within vitamins, silk, keratin and natural oils and all of that for hair care of very dry hair. Does Equilibra conditioner really work?

Equilibra.jpgMoisturising conditioner increasing volume from Equilibra is a cosmetic, which is based on PhytoSynergia vegetable complex and it combines regenerative properties of aloe vera juice, Argan oil and keratin from hydrolysed wheat proteins. Aloe vera conditioner from Equilibra consists of silk proteins, which create protective layer on hair, whereas woollen keratin supports this properties by ensuring strengthening. Equilibra conditioner is also rich in “youth vitamin”, i.e. vitamin E with anti-ageing properties.

Big plus of this cosmetic is that it doesn’t contain any artificial colourants, parabens or allergens, so it is totally safe. Though, manufacturer wasn’t able to avoid silicones in products composition. In Equilibra conditioner we will find washable silicon Amodimethicone, which is known for being light and friendly to hair, so there is no fear of weighting hair down.

Equilibra Balsamo Disciplinante Idratante Conditioner is a conditioner, which combines within beneficial properties of all enumerated ingredients to provide what’s best for hair. The conditioner is thick, creamy and exceptionally rich.

How does Equilibra aloe vera conditioner work?


1. Deeply nourishes hair cells.
2. Moisturises hair on their entire length.
3. Restores hair shaft.
4. Restores softness.
5. Creates protective layer.
6. Makes hair more flexible.
7. Makes combing easier.
8. Gives hair healthy gloss.
9. Visibly increases volume.

Moisturising conditioner increasing volume from Equilibra is a product, which ensures balance between proper moisture, nourishment and hair protection. Conditioner with rinsing works on each streak during relaxing scalp massage.