Owners of long and thick hair can finally breathe with a sigh of relief. They don’t have to worry about split ends, crumpled streaks and electrifying hair. Why? Because with help in harness of wild hair comes Invisibobble.

Invisibobble.jpgWhat is so special about – as it may seem – ordinary hair tie? Well, Invisibobble doesn’t damage hair, like other hair ties. Invisibobble doesn’t cause breaking and crumpling of the hair, is waterproof and durable, doesn’t cause headaches (just like regular hair ties does that when its tied to tight), its antiallergic, doesn’t causes split ends and can be used by all women despite hair type. Significant meaning has also appearance and material out of which the Invisibobble is created. Hair tie resembles phone cord or a spring. It is made out of material similar to plastic. Thanks to those two qualities it won’t damage or weaken hair. It can be easily tied and taken off; it helps in creation of almost every hair style.

Invisibobble has two collections of hair ties: permanent and inspired by world travels (“Around The World”). In the first one we will find black, white, transparent, brown, pink, orange, yellow and blue hair ties. In the second one we will find: light orange Silky Season, blue Universal Blue, dark red Burgundy Dream and dark grey Letter From Grey. Invisibobble costs around 5£ and in one box you will find three hair ties. It is a small cost if we take into consideration their durability.

Is Invisibobble really that great? Yes and no. Yes, because it is gentle for hair, doesn’t damage streaks and ends. No, because out of fine hair it will slip and during the exercises the hair style won’t last. Besides, plastic hair tie won’t be appropriate for every occasion (theatre) or every dress (elegant).