First product from Klorane was a camomile shampoo, which at this point is already a legend. It was used by many people and recommended as a best cleansing product. Honey texture and flower scent of the shampoo are now back in entirely new form that brings back memories from the decades ago.

Klorane.jpgCamomile – legendary active ingredient

Legendary active ingredient of Klorane shampoo is a camomile, which the brand uses in production for over 50 years. It is a symbol of the brand almost from the beginning of its existence, but it is not the most popular variety of camomile. Klorane laboratories selected their own – Matricaria recutita, a camomile with a really high content of apigenin, which is cultivated in Egypt. It has an extremely high content of natural colourants, which do not penetrate hair structure, but settle on its surface. Lack of interference into the hair structure gives effect of natural highlight to blonde hair and golden reflections to darker hair.

Klorane – highlighting ritual for every shade

Klorane products with natural camomile are absolutely natural cosmetics. They do not consist of silicones, parabens or other harmful ingredients and their formula is entirely biodegradable. Those cosmetics do not interfere in hair structure and are based only on natural ingredients, that is why they are so safe and recommended even for children.

Klorane, camomile shampoo

First product created by Klorane was highlighting shampoo. Today, in shops we can find more modern version – Klorane Reflets Blond  for hair from blonde to light brown. Highlighting shampoo has the same honey texture and smells like honey and flowers. Klorane shampoo is exceptionally delicate washing base enriched with ingredients that provide gloss and make combing easier.

Klorane, camomile balm

Klorane released also hair balm for easier combing, nourishment, softness, gloss and highlighted reflections. Klorane balm is also based on camomile extract, and after few uses hair become naturally highlighted. Klorane Reflets Blond balm has creamy texture and absorbs well.