Pantene PRO-V Intensive Repair is a set of conditioning cosmetics for instantaneous regeneration of damaged hair. Besides shampoo, serum and conditioner, we will also find in Pantene offer repairing oil with keratin and vitamin E. Should you buy Pantene if your hair need rescue?

Pantene-Pro-V.jpgRegenerative formula of Pantene PRO-V Intensive Repair is based on popular PRO-V technology, which was enhanced with vitamin E. Vitamin E is supposed to protect hair against damages and nourish them, and formula of oil provides pleasant and easy application.

Fourth step of conditioning

Intensive Repair provides multistage hair care. Restoration of keratin with oil with vitamin E from Pantene is fourth step in hair care, i.e. protection. Its task is to strengthen hair, but also prevent split ends and other damages of hair caused by, for example regular thermic or chemical stylisation.

Simple formula of silicon oil

Pantene PRO-V oil for restoration of keratin has simple composition, and even though it is called oil, it has nothing in common with oil uses, like oil treatment. Right at the beginning of the composition we have two silicones (volatile and washable), which create base. Vitamin E has fourth position in the composition and right behind it is provitamin B5. Silicon Pantene PRO-V Intensive Repair oil consists of alcohol and ten fragrances as well.

Pleasure for hair

Pantene PRO-V oil is a protection and nourishment for hair structure without weighting them down. Oil formula provides easy application. Repairing oil should be applied on damp and washed hair. It doesn’t need to be rinsed, because it absorbs fast and makes stylisation much easier. As the name indicates, oils main task is to restore keratin, i.e. natural building blocks of hair. Strengthened keratin structure is a success in conditioning damaged hair.