Spring 2016 brings many possibilities in skin care of body and hair. One of products that appear pretty often in the offer of manufacturers after winter is hair mask. It is really efficient way to restore healthy and beautiful look to the hair. This year novelty in this category is intensive regenerative hair mask Karité from Rene Furterer Paris.

Rene-Furterer.jpgIconic hair regeneration

Hair mask with inventively regenerating Karité butter is an iconic product from Rene Furterer, which had its glory days in the 50s as a one of the best nourishing products for blonde hair in Marylin Monroe style. Hair like that, dyed and undergoing a lot of stylisations, need deep nourishment and regeneration.

Modern Karité mask from Rene Furterer is a cosmetic created for a very dry and damaged hair, however, it can be used for all hair types in need of regeneration. Intensively regenerating Karité mask provides repair of damaged hair and consists of great nourishing and moisturising properties.

Power of African ingredients

Karité hair mask is a product from Rene Furterer based on 100% natural ingredients, what is confirmed by ECOCERT. Products base is mostly Karité Ethical Shea butter – ingredient acquired in African regions with traditional methods. Mask was enriched with valuable Quince pectin, Cimentrio® and beautifying ingredients. Products scent has an essence of orange blossom that makes hair smell great.

Unique combination of Karité butter, formula Cimentrio®, Quince pectin and other ingredients provide immediate softness and gloss. Dry fibres of hair become regenerated and intensively regenerating mask from Rene Furterer ensures their protection. Karité mask makes combing easier, provides softness and makes hair glossy and beautiful.