Apple cider vinegar is described as a “health and beauty elixir”. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a natural remedy for problems of skin and hair. It reduces acne and scars, and deeply restores hair structure. No doubt, it pays off to transfer apple cider vinegar from the kitchen to your everyday hair care.

apple-cider-vinegar.jpgVariation of vinegar manufactured from apples is one of the most universal products. It finds use as an addition to food, medicine, but also substance perfect for natural conditioning. On top of that, it is worth to have apple cider vinegar in your home if you have matte, brittle and weak hair. How can you use apple cider vinegar?

It is recommended to use this vinegar as a key ingredient of hair rinse. The most popular is rinse with apple cider vinegar and warm water or tea tree oil. What’s interesting, apple cider vinegar can easily be massaged directly into the scalp. This substance have at least few qualities, and all of them are a direct result of properties of the vinegar and its composition.

Natural acids present in apple cider vinegar effectively support scalp in problem of dandruff and indicate soothing properties. It results with significant limitation of itching and exfoliation of skin. Treatment with natural apple cider vinegar effectively eliminates also many scalp infections. The problem is almost entirely resolved after few uses of vinegar rinse.

Apple cider vinegar on hair works excellent as a smoothing and gloss providing preparation. You just have to leave vinegar or rinse on hair for about half an hour, best after hair wash. In this time, vinegar will balance pH of hair and seal hair cuticles. As a result hair will look healthy, glossy and will be easier to comb.

Third reason for use of apple cider vinegar in hair care are its cleansing properties. Apple cider vinegar consists of large amounts of acetic acid, which is considered to be mild chelating agent. It is great at removing hard water deposits, which gather on hair. Vinegar rinse will cleanse hair from all impurities and sebum excess, while hair become more fresh and less greasy.