It is said that woman can be variable, so no one is surprised that most women dye their hair. We change colour of our hair as often as the colour of the lipstick. It doesn’t end up well for the hair, even though correctly performed treatment shouldn’t damage hair. Unsuccessful dyeing is mostly caused by lack of knowledge on the subject of colourisation. What mistakes in colourisation do we do the most?

hair-dyeing.jpgMistake 1. Dye on dye

Amateurs of hair colourisation think that application of hair dye will cover up damaged and improperly dyed streaks. One of basic rules in hairdressing says that dye should never be applied on the previous dye. Colour should be removed, so the results of next colourisation were compatible with our expectations – right shade, lack of another damages. Hair dyes have no nourishing properties, so we won’t cover damages of previous colourisation.

Mistake 2. Too often change of hairdresser

We are unsatisfied of one hairdresser, so we go to another to fix what the one before him did. It turns out, that it is not what we expected either and so we decide on another change. Give your hairdresser at least few chances before you decide that it is not what you want. At first visit, hairdresser usually fixes what might have been damaged in previous hair salon and makes hair look better and healthier. Only at next visits, your hairdresser will provide you with desirable effect.

Mistake 3. Use of improper nourishing products

Colourisation is not a one time treatment that only changes colour of your hair. After dyeing you have to take care of the hair and that is something most women very often forget and then cries about dry and damaged hair. You should supply your bathroom with shampoo, conditioner and hair mask for dyed hair, because ordinary products maybe improper or don’t work.

Mistake 4. Persistent realisation of unrealistic expectations

Most women think that everything can be done at first time, when they switch auburn hair colour in bright blond. You can achieve it only by cost of tragically damaged by highlighting hair, that will break, be dry and sometimes even burnt. Experienced colourist knows that one time colourisation should change hair colour by no more than 4-5 tones. And so, as drastic change should take few colourisations and a long process.