Nourishment and regeneration of hair shouldn’t be limited to only external conditioning. Of course, significant is use of hair masks, conditioners and oils, because they provide beautiful look. However, most of them has only surface influence. If you what to have healthy, strong and resistant to damages hair, you need to deliver vitamins and minerals to the organism. How to do that? Prepare fruit and vegetable smoothie.

smoothie.jpgBefore you get to making smoothie, you have to know exactly what ingredients your hair and scalp lack and you need to prepare few gadgets. You will certainly need blender to crumble fruits and vegetables. Choose organic fruits and vegetables, which weren’t sprayed – better apple with some whole and a worm than chemical taste. You can supplement your smoothie with some other ingredients: buttermilk or kefir, honey, nuts, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. Hair and scalp need following vitamins and minerals: A, B, H, C, E, zinc, iron, copper, amino acids and carbs. Remember, that in healthy diet should be present also animal products.

What will be the influence of everyday fruit and vegetable smoothie on hair and scalp? Hair will become stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Hair loss and dandruff will be limited and scalp nourished. There are also smoothies, which stimulate hair growth on their entire length and volume. Remember to drink your smoothie before breakfast, because this way you’ll cleanse organism. Dosage of vitamins and minerals has to be adjusted to your weight and height.

What vegetables and fruits can you combine? It depends on you really. The most popular recipes for home made smoothie are: apple, parsley and half of glass of water or kefir; avocado, lemon juice, parsley and oat bran or banana, pear, strawberries, buttermilk and honey. Crumble all fruits and vegetables, so smoothie had unitary texture. Decorate your glass with cocktail umbrella, leaf, slice of fruit or vegetable. Cheers!