Trends in make-up and fashion change very fast. Every season we are surprised by new ideas of designers and make-up artists of world famous brands. In the last season top trend was a bob cut hairstyle and in the upcoming spring we will make hair tattoos! What is Hair Tattoo about? Where does this trend come from?

hair tattooMore and more, we are afraid of new trends, because they can surprise us in a positive or negative way, so we never know what to expect. This time, we admit that new trend of hairstyle with tattoo is quite lovely! There rather is not a single person, who wouldn’t like Hair Tattoos. Just search through the Instagram, where this trend rules, type #hairtattoo and see for yourself if you like it or not.

What is Hair Tattoo all about? It is nothing else but tattoo made out of hair. Hair stylist cuts hair in chosen area of the head and creates a pattern in this area with a razor. The most popular part of head to be shaved is just above the neck, from the lobe down. There are created very complicated patterns. In social media we can find motives of flowers, geometry, oriental and even tribal. The choice of areas and patterns is really wide.

Hair Tattoos relate to men’s fashion from the 90s or the break of millennium, when shaving patterns in short hair of boys was top trend. Today this trend comes back, twice as powerful, because Hair Tattoos are now more commonly seen among women and are no longer reserved for men. Besides, patters shaved in hair, just like in case of Hair Tattoo are more elegant, sophisticated and complicated.

Hair Tattoos are very interesting solution for girls with long hair – it changes boring hairstyle into the work of art, beautifully exposes neck when hair are tied and additionally is easy to hide, because all you need to do is to let your hair down. Unquestionable quality of this trend is lovely look and that it is only temporary (after some time hair will grow back).