Not only skin needs protective sun filters. Cosmetics with filters against sun radiation are necessary also in hair care. Hair need conditioning with hair masks, conditioners, balms and mists. Let’s see how sun influences hair and which products should you use to have beautiful and healthy strands.

hair-care.jpgDid you know that after few days in the sun hair become lighter? Though this effect may look pretty, such discolouration means there are deficits in deep hair structures. UV radiation makes hair dry and hair cuticles to raise. As sun reaches deeper, hair start to loose water and melanin – pigment responsible for protection against sun and hair colour. To the inside of the hair get free radicals and impurities, which contribute to worsening of hair condition.

The most liable to sun radiation are fair hair, coloured hair and bleached hair; dark hair are the most resistant to sun. During colourisation melanin is being damaged and colour contained in dyes gives no protection. Hair condition can be additionally worsen by salted and chlorinated water. As a result, after summer hair are dry, matte and brittle; they are also difficult in stylisation.

So how should you take care of your hair in the summer? Use cosmetics with sun filter and moisturising ingredients such as ceramides, collagen, vegetable oils and vitamins A, E, H and B5. Use leave-in conditioners, which will remain on hair and guarantee proper protection. When you spend a lot of time outside, every now and then spray your hair with mist or apply some oil. Wash your scalp everyday to remove sebum, sweat and dust, which were gathered during the day. Shampoo should contain delicate washing and conditioning ingredients. You may find helpful some regenerative products, which you can apply on ends and whole strands. You can ask your hairdresser to perform nourishing sauna. During this treatment hair cuticles will smoother and hair become glossy and moisturised.