Not every woman is content with the condition and look of her hair. Some consider their hair as thin and weak, while others describe their strands as too short and not dense enough. Although it is barely possible to satisfy everybody’s needs, you can try to improve appearance of your hairdo. Find out how to take care of your hair the right way.

hair.jpgWhich hair care cosmetics to choose?

The present and future condition of our hair to a large extend depends on the care products we currently use. The products we have been applying for several years might somehow lose its healing powers – our hair may get resistant to the beneficial working of them. Do you think that such situation is hard to occur? Indeed, hair gets used to working of the substances included into shampoo and conditioner’s composition. As a consequence, hair stops reacting to the cosmetics. In other words, the products we use for washing and nourishing of strands do not produce the same positive results as they used to. So what should be done? Simply try to change the cosmetics as often as you find it necessary. In this way, you will provide your hair with efficient substances.

How to take care of hair – practical tips.

Scalp ailments are a nightmare of many people. One of the most common disorder affecting head is dandruff. If you want to eliminate this problem, use a dermatologist’s advice. This specialist will prescribe you a shampoo and a conditioner that cannot be bought in a regular drugstore. Actually, their manner of working depends on the type of dandruff you have: dry or oily. Dry dandruff is characterized by small white flakes falling down from head with every combing of shaking. Oily dandruff occurs when a scalp produces too excessive amounts of sebum. It can be distinguished by yellowish flakes, sticking to scalp and flaking off after a few days. Surely, prescription cosmetics will help you with counteracting all types of dandruff. Suffice to ask a dermatologist for advice.

Is it futile to apply conditioners on greasy hair? No, it is not. The same situation concerns oily skin. If not moisturized, it becomes either dry (especially, when we use products containing alcohol) or even more shiny. When it comes to conditioner, it should be applied either to the ends only or to 2/3 length of hair. The best cosmetic will be the one that has to be rinsed off.

Scalp massages boost hair growth. Best if given during hair washing or before the procedure. Additionally, massage stimulates blood circulation of scalp cells, relaxes and puts a person in a good mood. If you are not an allergy sufferer, you do not have sensitive scalp, damaged hair or when you are not affected by any scalp ailments then you can make the massage even more enjoyable by taking advantage of some essential oils. Remember, resign from giving massage to freshly shampooed hair. Otherwise, you might tangle the strands, which makes combing almost impossible. Moreover, such massages might encourage scalp to produce greater amounts of sebum.